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I simply adore Handmade. Just knowing each piece has been lovingly made by someone gives it a unique personality of its own. This can never be created by mass produced pieces.


Raised in a family of crafters, a visit to the local Haberdashers in town was a regular event and a real treat. All those intriguing drawers and cupboards to peek in and such an assortment of colours and fabrics to inspire; no wonder I was hooked. I still get the same excited feeling when I stumble upon a Haberdashery in a new town or village I visit.


My Aunty Madge taught me to knit, my Mum to sew and my Nanna to make Pom-poms and cuddly toys. Such wonderful memories and they all had such patience!


I've since taught myself to crochet and have completely fallen in love with this craft. I love to explore and create and am always planning my next project.


Thank you for taking the time to look at my shop.  I hope you like what you see.



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Wife and Mum to two teenage boys I live in a very masculine world! My escapism is to surround myself with fabrics, yarns, buttons and beads in my wonderful loft studio where I let my creativity run wild. Aided by my talented friend Lisa.

Having been wife and mother for 22 years I am now getting time to indulge in my little pleasures capturing and sharing creativity in many forms (as you can see behind me) and creative art, such as Jane's amazing eye for colour and artistic media.


I enjoy assisting Jane and accasionally piecing together some unique items of my own.



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